You can read about our Quest on the dedicated page of our blog.  We have started out with a lot of internet searching.  All very helpful stuff to see the breadth of information out there.  There is one online company that had online reviews of seats which I found helpful.   They even had online chat so I tried that out a bit - she was nice and lots of good recommendations.  Searching for terms like "Truck seat" or "air seat" or "KW seat" bring up some good results for people selling or making the seat.  But what about the opinions of the millions of driver's out there?  I'm not seeing much.  Everyone sits in a seat...and complains about their let's hear it!  The good, the bad and the ugly!  Start commenting!


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    I am a veteran truck driver for 16 years.  My wife and I travel the US and Canada in a KW W900.  We are focused on finding the best seats out there because we spend 60% of our day driving or sitting waiting for a load.  We are on a quest in 2014 to find the best seats for each of us.  They don't even have to match.  
    Jerry & Jen


    December 2013