Looking for the best truck seat on the market?  So are we.  We will be reviewing seats that we feel are note worthy and perhaps some that are not.  If there is one in particular you think we should look at, leave a comment!

There was a Sept 2013 article in Overdrive Magazine about some of the new seats that are out in the market today.  Take a look here to read the article:  Overdrive Truck Seat Review

They talk about the latest seats: Seats Inc Legacy, Knoedler NuChief and the Bose seat.  I attended the MATs show in Louisville in March 2013 and tried all of these seats out.  The Bose was pretty interesting if you have a spare $6k.  Didn't love the actual seat it self but the suspension technology was very cool.  Knoedler had the Chief but not the NuChief at MATS.  Going to have to dig into that a bit more in another post.  I liked the options on this seat - good adjustments nice craftsmanship - felt very solid.  My wife sat in the Knoedler seat for a while when I went to check out the KW booth.  She was still there relaxing when I came back.   Seats Inc was right around the corner and they had a lot of action at their booth.  I see these seats everywhere so wasn't too much of a new experience.  I did learn about the Legacy LO which would be better for me, I think.  

All the other players were there too.  National, Bostrom, ISRI, Qualitex, a few Prime seats here and there in other store-based booths.  I sat in the Gra-mag seats that were at KW, I think.  They were OK...the rep from KW that helped he didn't know what they were.  I snooped around a bit to look at the back of the suspension.  

This is all a bit of a recap now that I have this blog finally up and running.  Next post will be on a specific seat topic.  Submit your suggestions anytime and I'll do the research needed to get some answers.



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    I am a veteran truck driver for 16 years.  My wife and I travel the US and Canada in a KW W900.  We are focused on finding the best seats out there because we spend 60% of our day driving or sitting waiting for a load.  We are on a quest in 2014 to find the best seats for each of us.  They don't even have to match.  
    Jerry & Jen


    December 2013